About Us

Fringehire is a small hire and design company helping independent production companies within London, created in 2012 by David and Jessica. 

When we created Fringehire, we worked on a number of productions with quite small lighting and sound budgets. We were frustrated by being offered over-the-top super expensive 

equipment to hire in order to carry out our designs. The penny dropped when we were once asked to spend £80 for the use of a DMX splitter out of a £200 lighting budget...That's when we decided to get our own equipment, which we then hired out to the shows we worked on. From there, we got requests for hires from friends, and then from people we didn't know... The word had spread! 

We just thoughts

Basically, if you have a limited lighting, AV and/or sound budget, we are the people to get in touch with.


There are three ways to get the equipment: 

- Collect (Free)

- Courier (Add Lee)

- Delivered using our own car... (Our own version of Uber and cheaper than an Add Lee with a £25 cap on deliveries; However, it might not always be available and can only take a certain amount of gear, anymore and you will have to collect or we'll send an Add Lee van). As David hasn't got a license, It'll be usually me (Jessica) who will do the delivery. 

Looking forward to meeting you)

Jessica & David